In the Central part of Western Europe, globally-organized supply chains have been thriving for the last eight years in a high-end environment: since 2005, more than one hundred companies have established themselves at the Borchwerf II Business Area in the Netherlands. As an important gateway to EMEA region, Borchwerf II is surrounded by the maritime and intermodal terminals of the Rotterdam and Antwerp main ports. The footprint of the 275-hectare business area is spacious: approximately half of the area has been sold to companies in construction-ready sites. The other half is used for roads, landscaping, and water.

At this moment, 11 hectares of construction-ready sites are immediately available. For sales, we cooperate closely with a number of international brokers and developers. The Netherlands has a 400-year-old worldwide history of trading, and we take pride in our system of tax regulations and efficient customs service, and also in our healthy labor market. There is an active business area management system and the main European cities are located nearby. If you would like more information, please let us know.

Efficient road structure and sustainable landscaping

We are also the only ones in this area that offer large sites that are located directly along the highway. Borchwerf II Business Area has an efficient road structure with fluid traffic. Furthermore, the business area is very spacious with lots of green vegetation, embedded water basins for rainwater and wadis, with new flora and fauna as a result. About half of the area is sold in construction-ready sites to companies. The other half is for roads, landscaping and water. There are agreements about a uniform appearance of the green area located next to the main road and the fences around the companies. In this way, the quality of the location is preserved, whereas the site price remains competitive. There are separate sewer systems for rooftops, dirty water and rainwater, underground infrastructures with cables and pipelines, and the aboveground infrastructure with pavement and public lights along the roads. In the middle of the business area is a park situated with trees, some seats and ponds with fountains. Would you like more information? Please let us know.